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Stuff about myself...

What can I say...? My name is Jacob Motta. I'm 17 years old, and love to code. I began coding my freshman year of high school under the guidance of my all-knowing robotic wizard teacher Manuel Chagoyan.

I graduated from Coalinga High School in June of 2012. I was a pretty decent student, taking AP courses and a lot of computer classes. I graduated with an overall 3.62 G.P.A.

My current goal is to learn the basics of several different languages (Java, JavaScript, C++, ActionScript, Ruby) and become well-versed in each. English is my primary and only spoken language.

I don't watch any sports, but I play and do pretty much everything I can. Throughout high school, I wrestled and played tennis. On the side, I often enjoy soccer, basketball, skating, free-running, jogging, long walks on the beach, anything fun and active. Tennis would probably have to be my biggest sport though. I love the game.

I love to play Xbox 360 and some online computer games. I would consider myself to be a "hardcore" gamer. My favorite game titles consist of Halo, Call of Duty, MineCraft, and occasionally Runescape/World of Warcraft.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have for me or about me. I like to talk to people. Below are my stunning ... Facebook pictures. Enjoy.

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